SkinVance + Zinc Testimonials

I have been using this product for 20 days now and the difference in my skin has been incredible. Looking so forward to seeing it after 2 months. C.K
I have been struggling with pimples since I was in high school. I am currently 30 years old and have taken endless courses of Acnetane. Just when I thought there is no hope left, then 2 months ago I came across this product. So far I am really seeing positive results. Thank you!! B.V
Still trying it, this is my second month and I see a difference! The skin on my face has always been a let-down, now with SkinVance + Zinc I can smile again! P.Z
I have been using SkinVance + Zinc for 2 months and I noticed an improvement from the second week. I do not have any breakouts and the marks are reducing. It really works!K.J
I have been on Oratane 40 mg twice, until I just lost hope – face clears up but after a year or so pimples pop out and leave dark spots. I am too old for such and I realised its more to do with my hormonal imbalance and when I saw SkinVance + Zinc ad, I rushed to Dis-Chem. I am on my 6th day…I have no words. I am smoothing out, I’m brighter and most of all, the dark marks fading. I am amazed by such quick results and I started my periods a day after starting SkinVance+Zinc and I have never felt such relief from not having period pains. Looking forward to taking the pills every day. M.N
Wonderful product. My son has been using it for 7 days now and we can already see a difference. Thank you!J.P
Completed my first 15 days and so far I’m impressed!K.O
I am on my third month with this product and I am very happy with the results.R.V
Brilliant product. I have seen amazing results. Very comfortable with this product.V.N
Best product ever. I am acne free and blemishes clearing.CL. W
I’ve been using this for 6 weeks now and I haven’t had a single breakoutD.M
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