RyChol Testimonials

It really works. It really lowers cholesterol. I have been using it for more than 5 years now.Z.M
I’m really thrilled with the product. It really does what it is says it does.L.M
I was struggling with cholesterol and our doctor recommended Rychol. Since then, my cholesterol has been so low. Thank you MNI for this product.Q.R
M.M I am a 38yr old male and have battled with bad cholesterol since I was 22, about nine months my Pharmacist suggest I try Rychol together with the statins my Doctor prescribed. I am happy to say that although I am still on the statins, my latest prescription has seen my dose reduced from the 40mg I was on to just 20mg a day. Thank you MNI for such a wonderful product.M.M
After using for just a month, my total cholesterol went from 8.4 to 4.6, with this, I also use healthy diet and exercise. Brilliant product!B.P
Combined with the right diet this product really does wonders.T.N
Bringing down my cholesterol count has also been a problem but with RyChol it has been easier.N.M
My husband had very high cholesterol and the meds that were prescribed were not really helping. I saw the Rychol ad, at clicks and we gave it a try. We really couldn’t be happier. N.N
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