NeuroVance Syrup Testimonials

I would just like to say thank you for your the awesome Nurovance Kids Syrup that my triplet boys are taking. It has made such a difference in our lives and theirs, they are able to concentrate so much better in school and over all are so much happier kiddies.Thank you so much! Louise, Daniel, Ryan and Luke
It's now my 2nd year that I use it for my child. She used it after winning a competition - received it as a gift. From that time on, I buy it all the time. Friday I bought 1 again because the school is going to begin soon. I must say, it helps my child a lot.N.S
It is truly an excellent product. My daughter has been using it since the beginning of her schooling. It has become part of her vitamin routine in the mornings.G.D
Grade 1 is a thriller for most parents. Same for this mom and dad. Not only did our daughter struggle to adjust to the routine of going to school and doing homework, she also started having terrible night terrors. And believe me it was awful…. More for us than her apparently. But I started giving NeuroVance syrup for kids to her and I could very quickly see a big difference in her mood towards school as well as her sleep pattern. She started sleeping again and was also calmer to go to school in the mornings. Thanks MNI-K.L
My child was struggling at school and a teacher recommended NeuroVance. I am happy to say that we have seen such a drastic improvement in his overall behaviour and grades!G.H
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