FlamLeve Testimonials

Flamleve is highly recommended, I used it for internal haemorrhoids, was so severe but it helped me a lot. I am still currently using it – was recommended by a friend.C. C
My mom has had knee problems as long as I can remember. We have tried a lot of products but nothing worked. Last month she started on Flamleve. She felt the results almost immediately. We never leaving this product!C.J
Great natural/plant based product for everyday aches and pains.T.M
I am a runner and this product has helped me immensely. I don’t have to worry about my knees getting locked anymore!B.L
Brilliant product! A favourite.S.M
I tested positive for COVID19 and had the worst experience, to say the least. After I was discharged from the hospital a doctor recommended I use Flamleve to assist with the neuro-inflammation. Looking back, it was the best advice that I could’ve gotten.Q.M
I totally love this product! Back pains gone!A.M
I use it regularly for my arthritis. It works effectively.K.M
Works wonders for post gym recovery!K.R
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