Sleeping Patterns/Insomnia (Adults)

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I have trouble falling asleep at bedtime

When I can’t sleep, I worry that I won’t be able to fall asleep

When I wake during the night, I have trouble going back to sleep

Some nights I hardly sleep at all, no matter how hard I try

When I try to go to sleep, my mind becomes pre-occupied by many new thoughts

Trying to fall asleep makes me anxious

Pain often wakes me during the night, or prevents me from going back to sleep

I believe that the quality of my sleep is poor

I feel sleepy during the day as result of my poor sleeping patterns

I feel desperate, distressed or deeply disillusioned about my poor sleeping habits

I become very sleepy during the day

I have sometimes fallen asleep at inappropriate times during the day, such as whilst driving or during a conversation or at work

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