Lifestyle Support

Best results are achieved when a variety of strategies are implemented simultaneously.

The first step is lifestyle modification, either on its own, or in combination with medication. MNI have developed various products that can be combined with meal plans, assessments as well as exercise programmes to help you manage and prevent various diseases.

Find out how MNI can help you.


Are you battling with insulin resistance?

If you’re battling to lose weight, you may be suffering from insulin resistance. Females with a waist circumference of more than 88cm and males more than 102 cm may have insulin resistance. AntaGolin optimises blood sugar metabolism and combats insulin resistance. Read more about insulin resistance here.

CAPE Meal Plan

Diet is essential to healthy blood sugar regulation, download your free C.A.P.E Meal Plan now.

Exercise Program

Exercise is key to your weight loss success, download our Exercise Programme today.

Weight-loss Assessment

Are you struggling to lose weight? Take our Assessment to find out why.

AntaGolin optimises blood sugar metabolism and combats insulin resistance.


Do you have high cholesterol?

Don’t ignore your cholesterol, a 10% reduction in cholesterol can reduce your cardiovascular disease risk by 50 %. RyChol’s unique blend of ingredients helps to stabilise blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels by targeting multiple biological pathways. Read more about cholesterol here.

Cholesterol lowering guidelines

Our cholesterol lowering guidelines has been designed specifically for heart health. Download your free copy here.

Optimise healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


Are you battling with inflammatory pain?

Chronic inflammation can be serious, it may cause permanent damage to cartilage and joints. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of pain in your lower back and neck. RheumaLin combats inflammatory back, neck and joint pain. Read more about inflammation here.

Exercise Program

Download our pain-relieving Exercise Programme now.

Pain scale evaluation

Are you unsure how to manage your pain? Take our Assessment to identify possible solutions.

Combat inflammatory back, neck & joint pain.


Are you experiencing high stress levels or poor concentration?

The brain is the hardest working organ in the human body, but its often the most neglected. Find out how to improve brain health here.

Stress assessment

Stress is an aggravating factor in various medical conditions. Take our Assessment to find out today.

Concentration assessment for adults

Are you having difficulty concentrating? Take our Assessment to find out today.

Concentration assessment for Children

Is your child having difficulty concentrating? Take our Assessment to find out today.

Optimise brain function and combat stress.


Don’t let colds and flu get you down!

The immune system gets stronger as we approach adulthood, but again, gets weaker in old age. This is why children and the elderly are more susceptible to illness. Read more about your family’s immune systems here.

Immune Support for Adults

Regular exercise is important to maintaining health and the immune system. Despite this, excessive amounts of exercise can negatively affect immunity.

Immune Support for Children

Children will naturally get sick and it is impossible to completely protect them from invading organisms. It is possible, however, to prevent them from getting sick as often, and to speed up recovery.