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Fighting the fat is a daily battle for many of us (recent stats suggest up to a third of South Africans are overweight or even medically obese) The fight is a source of constant torment. Not just because of feelings of low self-worth, but because we all know that being overweight can lead to all sorts of health issues including type 2 diabetes.

Lifestyle changes are always recommended to regain a healthier weight, but in the modern world, let’s face it, not all of us have the time or the capability of exercising more frequently or planning healthy regular meals. Some of us could use a little help.

At MNI, we carried out extensive research into the underlying causes of weight gain and the reason so many of us find it difficult to successfully lose weight sustainably, management of our blood sugar metabolism and levels of insulin production or resistance. We researched quality ingredients with proven proficiency in managing blood sugar levels and to combat insulin resistance. Then we researched and developed the perfect blend of these ingredients to perfect a unique formula that is a scientifically- proven and trusted aid to weight loss.



And now we’ve made AntaGolin more effective than ever. We’ve made that unique blend even stronger by adding Phlorodene to enhance glucose metabolism. Phlorodene is a propriety formulation prepared from the bark of apple trees which is proven to help block the reabsorption of glucose in the kidney. This in turn and in combination with our other quality ingredients, helps lower blood sugar and combats insulin resistance which assists with bodyweight reduction and blood sugar control.

Taken in conjunction with lifestyle changes, AntaGolin could help take the weight off your patient’s minds as well as their bodies.

Available without a prescription, AntaGolin’s can be used from the age of 12years old and now comes in a thirty-day pack.

We provide additional information and useful lifestyle advice on managing weight loss at  and detailed AntaGolin product information at There are also meal plan guides available. For any additional questions please feel free to use the ‘ask our expert’ facility, also available at

It is also worth remembering that high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance can be a trigger factor for Metabolic Syndrome.

AntaGolin from MNI.

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