RyChol FAQ’s

What is RyChol?

RyChol, extended-release formulation contains a unique blend of plant-derived phytochemical ingredients known to reduce blood cholesterol, triglyceride, and LDL levels. This unique combination supports multiple pathways involved in the digestion, absorption and clearance of cholesterol and the other detrimental fats from the system.

Raised triglyceride levels are an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. A 10% reduction in cholesterol can reduce your cardiovascular disease risk by 50%.

RyChol can be used:
• As prophylaxis (prevention) in high-risk individuals
• In early dyslipidaemia, before prescription medication become necessary
• In combination with other lipid-lowering drugs
• In patient’s intolerant or non-compliant with prescription medication
• Familial hypercholesterolemia

What is the dosage for RyChol?

Above 4.9mmol/l: Take 2 RyChol extra-strength with a full glass of water with the first meal of the day

Above 6mmol/l: Take 2 RyChol extra-strength with a full glass of water twice a day, with meals

What are the side effects of RyChol?

The individual ingredients contained within RyChol are generally considered to have a low side effect profile. Mild gastro-intestinal irritation, headache and skin rash may occur. RyChol should always be taken with a meal.

Can RyChol be used in conjunction with the statins?

Yes, trials done on some of the individual ingredients contained within RyChol, such as phytosterols berberine and coenzyme Q10, have indicated favourable results when used in conjunction with the class of statins. RyChol can therefore be used on its own as preventative care, or in combination with statins.

Where can I buy RyChol?
  • Shop Online
  • South Africa – At any pharmacy.  No prescription is required.
  • Namibia – At any pharmacy.  No prescription is required.
  • International Email us at info@mnilifestyle.co.za for international purchasing information.
Is diet on its own enough to combat my high cholesterol?

No, many times diet alone is not enough to combat high cholesterol.  This is especially the case with clients suffering from a family history of high cholesterol, where the problem is cholesterol production which we do not have control over.  We therefore recommend the use of RyChol in combination with dietary adjustments.

Can women also suffer from high cholesterol, or is it only men?
Women are 9 times more likely to develop a heart condition than breast cancer. While breast cancer screening is important for all women in South Africa, a high risk of heart disease raises the importance of cholesterol checks too. Both a mammogram and regular cholesterol checks should therefore be on every woman’s to-do list.
My cholesterol is not particularly high, but I have a family history of heart disease. Can I use RyChol for prevention?

Yes, we consider RyChol as ideal for the primary prevention of high cholesterol and heart disease as a low road option where statins drug are not yet indicated.

RyChol can be used even when your cholesterol levels are only slightly high.

Do I need a lipogram to test for high cholesterol, or is a point of care finger prick test sufficient

We therefore recommend that you do a lipogram at least once a year, especially if you have a family history of high cholesterol or heart disease.  This will allow your doctor to evaluate your full cholesterol spectrum, which includes your total cholesterol, your LDL cholesterol your triglycerides and your HDL cholesterol.

I have started taking RyChol for my high cholesterol. I have a family history of high cholesterol and heart disease as well. How long should I continue taking RyChol for?

Cholesterol cannot be cured, it can only be strategically managed. One way of managing it is through the continual use of RyChol.

Will RyChol decrease the effectiveness of my contraceptive medication?

No, it will not.  The mechanisms of action are different for RyChol compared to contraceptive methods and medications, so the risk for possible drug interactions should be minimal.

I don’t stay in South Africa. Can I still get RyChol?

Yes, you can. For Namibian clients, RyChol is now also available at pharmacies without a prescription.

  • Namibia – At any pharmacy. No prescription is required.
Will my medical aid pay for RyChol?
Yes, RyChol has a Nappi code, which means that the medical aid will pay for it provided that you have a medical aid savings option with available savings.
Can I take RyChol during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
The safety of using RyChol during pregnancy or breastfeeding has not been established.  MNI therefore recommends discontinuing use of RyChol during these times.  In cases where you feel the benefits of taking RyChol outweighs the risks, take the package insert to your consulting specialist and obtain consent and approval from your treating specialist for continued use.
Does heart disease only occur in older age groups?
Not, necessarily. Heart disease starts much younger in life than most people believe. As cholesterol-related deaths continue to rise, South Africans need to start managing their cholesterol levels far more proactively if they wish to extend their lifespan. South Africans have a particularly high incidence of genetically related abnormal cholesterol and should monitor their cholesterol levels from early adulthood. RyChol is ideal as preventative care.
What foods are healthy for the heart?

Focusing on your saturated fat intake alone may not be in your best health interest. Combining foods with recognised cholesterol-lowering properties has proven highly effective in lowering total serum cholesterol and reducing ‘bad cholesterol’ (LDL) levels by as much as 35%. By competing with cholesterol for intestinal absorption, phytosterols naturally reduces the intake of cholesterol absorption, leading to decreased blood LDL-cholesterol levels and thereby lowering cardiovascular disease risk. Phytosterols is therefore also one of the ingredients in RyChol.

Does RyChol have any effects on blood pressure
By combating high cholesterol with RyChol, high blood pressure may be reduced. Therefore, even though RyChol is not directly indicated in the management of high blood pressure, it may have a secondary effect. RyChol also contains a natural ingredient called Berberine, which in high dosages may in some instances lead to a decrease in blood pressure. RyChol is contra-indicated in individuals suffering from severe low blood pressure.
I am on chronic medication for my high blood pressure. Can I still take RyChol with it?

Yes, you can. The mechanisms of action are different for RyChol compared to blood pressure medication, so the risk for possible drug interactions should be minimal. The Berberine in RyChol may however in high dosages contribute towards a lowering in blood pressure, so blood pressure should be monitored regularly.  RyChol is contraindicated in individuals with severe low blood pressure. RyChol can generally be used with antihypertensive (blood pressure-lowering medication). If concerned, please consult your doctor.

Can I take RyChol if I am on blood thinning medication?
Yes, you can.  If you are on medicines such as warfarin to prevent blood clots, RyChol may however increase bleeding potential and blood monitoring is therefore recommended.
How fast will I start seeing an improvement in blood test results with RyChol?

High cholesterol cannot be cured, it can only be managed.  Our experience has shown that most individuals see results within 8 to 12 weeks. We recommend re-testing your cholesterol by means of a full lipogram 12 weeks after you started taking RyChol.

Which aspects of high cholesterol will RyChol target?
RyChol addresses all the major cholesterol producing pathways, namely: dietary ingestion, reabsorption and biosynthesis. RyChol’s , improved formulation therefore targets total and LDL cholesterol, and now also targets triglycerides.
Can I take RyChol if I have abnormal liver function?

Yes, you can. Seeing that RyChol no longer contains red yeast rice extract, an ingredient that requires optimal liver function for its metabolism, RyChol can now safely be taken by individuals with abnormal liver function. We however do not recommend the use of RyChol in clients with advanced liver disease.

Do you have any specific dietary recommendations to help lower cholesterol in combination with RyChol?

Yes, we do have a free cholesterol friendly meal plan, as 33% of cholesterol can be controlled by your diet. The other 66% however is produced and reabsorbed within your body.  We therefor recommend the cholesterol friendly meal plan in combination with RyChol. Click here for Cholesterol Lowering Plan

Can RyChol safely be taken in combination with other MNI products and/or supplements?

Yes, all of the MNI products can safely be taken in combination with each other as a complete wellbeing solution.

What are the signs and symptoms of high cholesterol?

Cholesterol is also known as the “silent killer”.  The reason for this is that high cholesterol most often do not present with any signs or symptoms at all. In addition, high cholesterol can start at a much earlier age than what we believe.  We therefore recommend regular cholesterol screening in both men and women from a young age.  RyChol is an ideal preventative measure for high risk individuals.

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