ImmunoVance Syrup FAQ’s

What is ImmunoVance Syrup?

ImmunoVance kids contains a blend of plant-derived phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals. This blend of essential ingredients works synergistically to optimise the growing immune system, modulate the immune response, and prime the immune system for defense against bacteria and viruses.

ImmunoVance kids is ideal for children who are exposed to colds and flu in school, live active lifestyles or want to feel better faster.

ImmunoVance is more than just a multi-vitamin.

What is the dosage for ImmunoVance Syrup?

Children between 4 and 8 years: Take 10 ml once a day with meals.

Children over 8 years: Take 15 ml once a day with meals.

Adults:  Adults who prefer taking syrup rather than tablets take 20ml once a day with meals.

What are the side effects of ImmunoVance Syrup?

ImmunoVance Syrup is generally well tolerated with a low side effect profile. Mild side effects may occur. Refer to the package insert for a full list of possible side effects. Side effects can be minimised by taking ImmunoVance Syrup with meals. Contact your doctor if your child experiences any other symptoms.

Can ImmunoVance Syrup be taken in combination with prescription medication?

ImmunoVance Syrup can generally be taken alongside prescription medications. Refer to the package insert for specific contraindications and special precautions. Consult your doctor if your child is on medication aimed at lowering blood sugar, blood pressure or blood thinning medication. ImmunoVance Syrup should not be used in conjunction with immunosuppressive therapy.

Where can I buy ImmunoVance Syrup?
  • Shop Online
  • South Africa: At any pharmacy. No prescription is required.
  • Namibia: At any pharmacy. No prescription is required.
  • International: Email us at for international purchasing information.
Why does my child need to take ImmunoVance Syrup?

Supporting the immune system is one of the most complex and important aspects of maintaining daily and long-term health. Underactive immune systems result in infection and frequent sickness, while an overactive immune system can cause inflammatory and autoimmune disorders. Many of the factors that determine whether someone’s immune system will function optimally as an adult occur during childhood. Maintaining balance and ensuring your child’s immune system receives optimal levels of the building blocks it requires is therefore beneficial not only to their short-term health but also to how resistant they will be to disease in adulthood. ImmunoVance Syrup has been formulated to contain a variety of vitamins and minerals essential to the health of the immune system, in conjunction with herbal extracts which may keep your child’s immune system functioning optimally.

I have a hard time getting my child to eat fruits and vegetables, will ImmunoVance Syrup aid in ensuring her immune system obtains the vitamins and minerals it needs?

The health and function of the immune system is heavily linked to general health. This includes exercise, avoiding toxic substances and maintaining a good diet. Unfortunately, the latter is not always the easiest with fussy children. ImmunoVance Syrup has been formulated to contain the vitamins and minerals most important to immune system development and function, but that are often missing from our diets. While the importance of ensuring your child gets a healthy diet, especially high in fruits and vegetables, cannot be overstressed, ImmunoVance Syrup can aid in supporting the diet and your child’s immune system.

Can my child continue to use ImmunoVance Syrup in the long term?

ImmunoVance Syrup may be beneficial on an ongoing basis, especially during times when the probability of you getting sick are highest.

My child frequently gets ill. Will taking ImmunoVance Syrup improve his resistance to colds and flu?

The ingredients in ImmunoVance Syrup have been shown by independent scientific studies to both reduce the likelihood of falling ill with colds and flu as well as shorten the length of sickness and reduce its symptoms. The ingredients therefore aid in priming the immune system to eliminate cold and flu viruses, rather than solely treating the symptoms.

Will my medical aid pay for ImmunoVance Syrup?

ImmunoVance Syrup has a NAPPI code, which means that most medical aids will pay for it provided that you have a medical aid savings option with available savings. Find out where to get ImmunoVance

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