Inactivity and your health – Sitting could be just as bad as smoking

It is not only sitting, but inactivity (sedentary behaviour) in general that is bad for you. Until about 200 years ago, people were not inactive for more than 5 hours a day (excluding sleeping), and most periods of inactivity were broken up relatively often with movement.

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Breast cancer versus heart disease – woman perilously misguided

As cholesterol-related deaths continue to rise, South Africans need to start managing their cholesterol levels far more proactively if they wish to extend their lifespan. Women are particularly bad at checking their cholesterol levels

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How to boost your metabolism

Refusing to eat during a hunger protest, Bobby Sands, the famous IRA hunger striker, died in a prison hospital after 66 days from self-imposed starvation. During the summer of 1981, another nine of his compatriots protesting the same cause died in the same manner.

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Backache – novel options to help you manage pain

Sleep is one of the most important parts of staying mentally and physically healthy. Quality sleep is essential to self-regulation, immune function,and cardiovascular health, development of the brain, memory, attention and motivation. Inadequate sleep, has been associated with poor mental health outcomes, including ADHD-like symptoms, low mood, anxiety, depression, poor performance at work and school, and even diabetes and heart disease. One of the major contributors to poor sleep is digital media.

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Mortality reduction – Apples compete with Statins

Healthy lifestyle choices like regular exercise and proper nutrition are generally considered the first steps toward a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, many physicians also prescribe statins

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The best weight-loss diet

Which diet will give you the best short term results? Will these results be sustainable over the long term? Can any harm be done in the process?

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