Health Education

The Medical Nutritional Institute is an organisation that focus’s on disease prevention.

We recognise that primary healthcare providers are in an ideal position to improve the health of their patients and the modern South African pharmacy is playing an increasingly active and important role in providing front-line healthcare services to our communities.

Not only will you be increasing your knowledge base, but you will increase your confidence when interacting with your patients which may rekindle your joy in working in the medical environment and increase your job satisfaction.

In recognition of this, MNI has developed an on-line training portal to assist you in “brushing-up” your existing knowledge.

Clinical Development Programme

The Product training Programme is offered in two categories:

  • Professional training: Suitable for those with tertiary education in a medical discipline such as pharmacists, nurse practitioners, dieticians, bio-kineticists and pharmacy assistants.
  • Advisory training: Suitable for OTC and vitamin advisors). Email us at for more information

The product training programme offers modules on lifestyle associated conditions with recommendations on incorporating the MNI product range in the most effective manner.

After reading the information provided, you have the opportunity to complete a multiple choice knowledge review.