A stronger approach to cholesterol management

We all know that living with high cholesterol can lead to all sorts of anxiety and stress about the potential health repercussions. Repercussions that can be very real. Real, but manageable, and hopefully avoidable.

That is after all why the Medicinal Nutrition Institute invested so heavily in researching plant-based ingredients, establishing the optimal blends of those ingredients, and creating a unique and effective formula.

The result was RyChol, scientifically developed by experts to effectively combat unhealthy cholesterol and lower triglyceride levels. RyChol has since become a byword for proven and trusted cholesterol management.

But at MNI, the research never stops with the development of a successful and efficacious product. We simply ask ourselves the question; can we make it even better?

We have.

The application of ever-greater expertise, the never-ending interrogation of ingredients and the relentless trials of combinations of blends have delivered what we describe simply as ‘extra strength’ RyChol.

The new extra strength RyChol provides superior fat absorption to manage LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and total cholesterol even more effectively.

It’s an effective mix of ingredients that provides a slow-release formula that can be taken daily, with no side effects, to offer you the complete cholesterol management solution.

RyChol is healthy-heart technology.

We provide additional information and useful lifestyle advice on managing cholesterol at https://www.mnilifestyle.co.za/metabolic-syndrome/high-cholesterol/  and detailed RyChol product information at https://www.mnilifestyle.co.za/rychol/ There are also meal plan guides available. For any additional questions please feel free to use the ‘ask our expert’ facility, also available at https://mnilifestyle.co.za

It is also worth remembering that high levels of cholesterol can be a trigger factor for Metabolic Syndrome.

RyChol from MNI.

Proven Healthcare Solutions Providers.

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