Frequently asked questions about Meal Plans

What are the benefits of the MNI insulin-friendly meal plan (C.A.P.E. meal plan)?

The C.A.P.E meal plan has been scientifically designed to maximise your weight-loss results by optimising your metabolism as well as regulating your blood insulin levels. Free CAPE meal plan subscription

What does the “CAPE” in the C.A.P.E meal plan stand for?

C.A.P.E is an acronym for ‘carbohydrate adjusted, protein enriched’. This means that the meal plan promotes the intake of healthy protein options, reduces the intake of complex carbohydrates and eliminates the intake of refined carbohydrates, while still offering a healthy and sustainable balanced diet. Free CAPE meal plan subscription

How does the MNI C.A.P.E meal plan differ from common diets?

We conducted our own research at MNI during the development of the C.A.P.E meal plan. We found that a carbohydrate diminished, protein-enriched diet consistently delivers better weight-loss results, especially for metabolically-challenged patients who suffer from insulin resistance, a common medical condition that makes you more prone to weight-gain. Free CAPE meal plan subscription

Why is fluid intake so important on the MNI C.A.P.E meal plan?

An adequate intake of water is essential for proper bowel function, fat oxidation and weight-loss. Free CAPE meal plan subscription

How many glasses of water do you recommend I drink daily?

Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Free CAPE meal plan subscription

Are there any type of drinks that I should avoid while following the C.A.P.E meal plan from MNI?

Avoid all fruit juices as well as soft drinks and sweetened beverages such as Coke, Fanta etc. In addition, also avoid all sports drinks, energy drinks, flavoured waters and all vitamin waters. These products all contain large quantities of carbohydrates, often under various guises.Free CAPE meal plan subscription

Am I allowed coffee and tea while I am on the MNI C.A.P.E eating plan?

Tea and coffee with milk are fine at meal times but eliminate milk and sugar between meals, as both agents may stimulate the release of insulin and will therefore be counterproductive to your weight-loss strategy. Free CAPE meal plan subscription

Are condiments a good idea on the MNI CAPE weight-loss plan?

Bland food is terribly boring, so please don’t torture yourself unnecessarily. Put some effort and planning into your meals. Spices, herbs, pepper, garlic, pickles, gherkins and chilli are excellent ways of ensuring that you have a pleasurable culinary experience. Free CAPE meal plan subscription

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