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The Medical Nutritional Institute is a pharmaceutical and healthcare organisation. We specialise in the prevention and treatment of disease by developing new pharmaceutical products and delivering healthcare, CPD & pharmacy training services.

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AntaGolin optimises blood sugar metabolism and can help you to lose weight more effectively.

RyChol Optimises healthy cholesterol
and triglyceride

RheumaLin Combats inflammatory back,
neck and joint

NeuroVance optimises brain function and combats stress.

NeuroVance Syrup Optimises
brain function, concentration
and calmness.

ImmunoVance optimises your immune system and combats
colds and flu.

ImmunoVance Syrup optimises your child’s immune system and combats colds and flu.

Valuable health topics

What is Metabolic Syndrome?

The Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) is the collective term used for a group of interlinked medical conditions that all pose a significant health risk. If left unchecked, the cumulative effect of these conditions statistically reduces life expectancy by increasing the risk for developing heart disease, high blood pressure and diabets, as well as various forms of cancer.

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